In order to ensure an appropriate level of building’s fire safety, proper solutions concerningorganization and systems have to be implemented. Combination of these two factorscan guarantee a fire safety on a good level and minimize the risks.

Trusting only in system solutions (installations) or a complete negligence of fire safety are the most common mistakes in fire safety management. The following chart shows the number of fires in public and production buildings in years 2014-2015.

Types of service:

Comprehensive fire protection service

A comprehensive support for companies.We do the work for administrators and company’s Health and Safety Inspectors. 

We provide a complete range of services which fulfil all provisions in force concerning fire safety. We are an essential support for buildings’ administrators and Health and Safety Inspectors in companies.

Construction supervision and consulting 

Full construction counselling. We will optimize investment costs. 

While carrying out a construction investment a contractor can deal with some additional costs which increase total construction expenses. We give assistance and help to optimize costs and choose the best solutions. We supervise the work of subcontractors, we consult projects in terms of fire-protection. We prepare the investment for post-construction commissioning .

The implementation of fire protection system

 Our company implements procedures and solutions which increase safety. 

In companies where there are safety management systems a fire-fighting safety policy becomes a key element of their operations. We implement procedures, solutions, elaborate and develop documents which improve fire safety. We base our work on Polish and foreign standards. We also assist businesses in their negotiations with insurance companies to minimize the insurance costs.

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