Fire Safety Trainings

We provide professional training that will surely improve the safety of your employees. Training is provided by qualified specialists ( in English if needed). They have the experience and interpersonal skills necessary for fire training to remain in the memory of all its participants. We invite you to the cities of Wroclaw, Legnica, Lubin, Polkowice, Głogów, Wałbrzych, Boleslawiec and many others.

The classes are in a form of traditional lectures as well as practical exercises, they allow one to understand a given problem better , and as a result have a direct impact on safety improvement. The classes are done using modern audiovisual techniques.

Detailed information on particular trainings and application forms can be found in next sections.

Breaking the stereotype of boring and unnecessary trainings is our philosophy.

Our training programs

Fire safety management

The training for managers and executives. 

A comprehensive course on solutions which allow to optimize the way in which fire safety is managed .

During the course the methods, which implementation allows to increase the company’ safety level, only by use of organizationsolutions, are discussed. We increase safety without the need to invest money in passive protection.

We are able to optimize the fire protection level of every company and have a big experience in that field.

The use of fire extinguishing equipment

A basic training on fire protection for both managers and blue collars. During training we discuss fire safety issues concerning your company.

We fulfil the duty of every employer which is to take staff through a fire safety instruction in force. We also give you an opportunity to practice firefighting in a fire simulation.

What is more, we discuss how to behave properly in smoky roomsand how to handle evacuation properly. The participants can cover evacuation route through a smoked (artificial) tent . It gives an unforgettable experience from the course and helps to fix the knowledge from it in your mind.

Courses in first aid

Basic course for all company’s staff.

The courses are run by professional instructors with work experience, and qualifications, who have organised numerous courses and trainings on paramedics and rescue actions .

The courses are divided into a general, theoretical part and a part devoted to threats which are likely to occur in a given company.

Having listened to a theoretical fragment every participant takes part in a practical class where they can verify their knowledge in practice under the tutelage of experienced instructors

Rescue teams training

A course for people who are designated to prevent dangers in production plants.

Forming rescue teams in big production companies has become a standard which is a proof of company management’s awareness and accountability . In order to guarantee their correct operation, it is essential to implement a proper system of fire safety solutions and then to pass the knowledge to the employees designated to rescue teams.

The training program is adapted to the production process and the dangers that may occur in the company. 

Every participant, having listened to a theoretical part ,takes part in a practical class where they can verify their knowledge in practice under the tutelage of experienced instructors

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