Fire Protection Approvals

 We offer a comprehensive fire protection approvals of construction and industrial projects. We guarantee professional consultation at the stage of planning . Professional advisory at the stage of planning allow to reduce the investment costs and avoid unnecessary solutions which can generate additional costs.

We truly recommend a cooperation in terms of counselling at the early stage of planning . The implementation of some solutions at the stage of planning makes it much easier to adjust the building to fire protection regulations.

What is more, we specialize in developing a fire protection expertize and offer substitute solutions for existing buildings which have to be adjusted to new regulations.

“A well-developed fire protection documentation is a very valuable source of information for the investor and the administrator. We can find there guidelines on how to organize fire protection in a building properly, including technical aspects and possible threats and risks. Following the guidelines limits the risk of fire and increases the safety of building’s users .”

We are able to reduce the costs of insurance in real terms by implementation of good organization solutions.

We follow the rule which says that every document should contain a comprehensive collectionof information that result in good fire protection.


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