Climbing Services

We are trained industrial climbers. We have the highest quality equipment and skills which enable u to provide services, works and cleaning on heights in a safe manner and following the OHS rules. Thanks to our precision and thoroughness we attracted a lot of satisfied customers which resulted in a long term cooperation.In our work we do not agree to compromise,we treat every commissioned job individually . Thus , we raise the bar constantlyandour qualifications in the same time. This makes our offer wider and richer which can target more and more customers.

Our offer is for companies and private individuals . We are eager to face new challenges, hard-to-reach places which require a rope access . We also have ground works in our offer.

Work at heights:
  • repairs of electric installation, rain pipes, LPS, emptying hoses, 
  • steel constructions’ (power line crossings, bridges, masts) cleaning and painting,
  • assembly/disassembly of steel constructions,
  • scaffolding assembly, collective protections against falling from heights,
  • technical analysis and photographic documentation,
  • cleaning buildings after construction works.

Cleaning at heights:
  • washing windows, window sills, and frames by means of climbing methods,
  • cleaning roofs, facades and elevations,
  • cleaning advertising banners,
  • erasing graffiti and all different signs from building’s walls,
  • removing rust and steel works maintenance,
  • paving stone, monuments, stairs and side walk cleaning,  
  • removing nests and birds’ waste.

Intervention works at heights:
  • clearing of snow from roofs, removing icicles,
  • cutting off tree branches and trees that make a danger,
  • removing elevation plasters roof elements, drainpipes that come off,
  • Telecommunication/power systems industry,
  • mounting antennas and telecommunication transmitters on masts and roof tops,
  • renovation and maintenance of masts and power line crossings,
  • removing rust and maintenance of steel and concrete constructions.

  • collecting cones from tree stands,
  • trimming trees and branches (shaping tree crowns),
  • lodging by means of climbing methods,
  • maintenance.

Other services:
  • hanging adverts, banners, logos,
  • mounting solar collectors, antennas, snow protection on roofs,
  • snow Ploughing car parks and pavements in companies and estates,

  • mounting protection against birds: barbs, nets.

We use the best solutions while doing our jobs :

Backpack vacuum cleaner:

The use of backpack vacuum cleaners, designed for cleaning dry waste and perfect for hard to reach places, shortens the job time and improves the final effect .

Telescopic demineralized water washers

Telescopic demineralized water washing system gives best results and shortens the time for completing the task.

Electric scissor lifts

Using electric scissor lifts improves work effectiveness and allows to do all the jobs fast and efficiently.

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