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Comprehensive fire protection services

“Prevent” has originally founded in 2012 as a company focused on the fire safety management area. It changed the name in 2017 for the current name “Prevent Ryszard Dąbrowa”. Ryszard Dabrowa is the owner of the company, the General of the State Fire Service and former Rector Commander of the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw (2009-2017). The company provides the complementary support, advise and expertise for the national and international corporations on the field of fire safety. In addition to that, the company involve the most experienced specialists in Poland from a different background, including fire safety engineers, university lecturers, construction experts and chemical specialists, conducting trainings, specialistic documents, expertise and working as an advisory group for corporations.

Already provided over 100 specialistic expertise for the companies from different sectors. Most of the employed specialists is working also as a lecturers and trainers for a governmental and a non-governmental organizations.

We deal with professional fire safety services in the cities of Warsaw, Wrocław, Legnica and other throughout the country. For the most important goal we set ourselves a professional approach to every single subject. We strive to provide our clients with the highest standard of consulting and training services.

Our staff are dynamic people with knowledge and experience beyond the standard of the subject of safety services. Appropriate professional qualifications and baggage of experience gained from work in other institutions guarantee proper fulfillment of the duties entrusted to us. We cooperate with highly qualified lecturers and specialists from all over Poland who deal professionally with issues of fire safety and fire management.


Fire protection in large enterprises is evolving year by year. Independent safety procedures are created, prepared individually for each department. Groups of first intervention, first aid are created to ensure the proper course of evacuation, providing first aid to the injured, etc. Thanks to such undertakings, the conscious and trained crew increases the level of safety and material losses during events. We have the pleasure to take an active part in it. We create special procedures together with employers, we train and build fire protection teams as well. 

If you are interested in raising the fire safety level of your worplace - we are more than happy to help.

We have developed the document "Fire safety instructions" and "Evacuation plans" of the object EXPORT PACK Sp. z o.o. & What. Sp.k in the city of Zabrze near the city of Katowice.

We have developed the document "Fire-fighting operation" for Zakład Odpardzowania Odpadami Remondis Sp. z o.o. in the town of Kunice near the city of Legnica.

We have developed the document "Fire-fighting operation" for RMC Recycling - Recycling services and scrap purchase in the town of Kunice near the city of Legnica.

We have developed the documents "Assessment of explosion hazard", "Explosion protection document" for the company Hessung Electronics Sp. z o.o. in the town of Biskupice Oławskie near the city of Wrocław.

We have installed special spherical mirrors aimed at increasing the level of employee safety at the XPO CONTRACT LOGISTICS POLAND plant based in Osła near the city of Bolesławiec.

We conducted training in the field of fire protection for employees of the Municipal Nursery (specialized care and education institution) in the town of Złotoryja near the city of Legnica.

We have developed the document "Fire-fighting operation" for Zakład Odparami Odpadami GAĆ Sp. z o.o. in the town of Oława near the city of Wrocław.

We have developed the document Fire Safety Instruction and Evacuation Plans for the Complex of Sewage Treatment Facilities in the town of Złotoryja near the city of Legnica.

We have developed the document "Fire safety instructions" and "Evacuation plans" for Bowling Club Lubin in the city of Lubin near the city of Legnica.

We have developed the documents "Assessment of explosion hazard", "Explosion protection document" for PPHU Młynpol A.Gołębiowski R.Wołoszczak sp.j. in Krzyżowa near the city of Bolesławiec.

We have developed the documents "Assessment of explosion hazard", "Explosion protection document" for the company Bama Europa Sp. z o.o. near the city of Wrocław.

We have developed the "Assessment of explosion hazard", "Explosion Protection Document" and "Fire Safety Instruction" for FOREST STYLE INDUSTRY in Przejęsław near the city of Bolesławiec.

At the end of July we made a series of high-altitude works (cleaning at heights) with one of our partners near the city of Świdnica.

We have developed three specialized documents - Fire Safety Instruction - for the "Biedronka" chain of stores in Lower Silesia. As part of the studies, we have analyzed the fire protection conditions of the facilities and pointed out recommendations regarding fire safety.

We are pleased to inform that we have started a permanent cooperation with the Provincial Specialist Hospital. J. Gromkowski in the city of Wrocław. It involves comprehensive fire safety management, regular audits and ongoing updating of fire documentation.

We developed the document "Fire Safety Instruction" for the restaurant "Kortowa na Dworcowej" in the city of Lubin.

We have developed the document "Fire Safety Instruction" for our business partner - a primary school in Zagrodno near the city of Złotoryja.

We have carried out a fire safety audit for our business partner Faurecia based in the city of Legnica near the city of Wrocław.

We have developed the "Explosion Protection Document" and "Explosion Risk Assessment" for HEESUNG PRECISION POLAND in Siechnice near the city of Wrocław.

We have developed  fire protection documents "Fire scenario", "Fire safety instructions" and "Evacuation plans" for the NGK Ceramics facility with headquarter in the city of Gliwice.

We conducted fire and medical training for a group of almost 60 employees of all Decathlon stores based in the town of Wrocław.

Our services:


Supervision and construction consulting

We supervise and consult the construction from the fire protection point of view. We prepare a complex of necessary documents, arrangements and on-the-spot advise, we equip and supervise all activities in the field of fire safety. We represent the investor in front of the inspection bodies and we assist in receiving activities. We help save health and money.

Comprehensive external service

As part of a comprehensive external service we carry out all matters related to the fire safety of the facility. We prepare and supervise full documentation, training and maintenance of fireprotection equipment. We provide professional support to the occupational health and safety of every plant, thus increasing the safety of the plant. 

Sales and maintenance of fire protection equipment

We provide comprehensive equipment for hand-held fireprotection equipment, fire-fighting equipment and safety signs. In addition, we oversee and maintain all fire safety installations. 

We provide a professional and timely service.

We provide professional training:

We provide professional training that will surely improve the safety of your employees. Training is provided by qualified specialists ( in english if needed). They have the experience and interpersonal skills necessary for fire training to remain in the memory of all its participants. We invite you to the cities of Wroclaw, Legnica, Lubin, Polkowice, Głogów, Wałbrzych, Boleslawiec and many others.

 Classes are conducted in both lectures and practical exercises. It helps with  better understanding of the problem and, directly affect the improvement of safety. Classes are conducted using modern audiovisual techniques.


Fire safety management

Theoretical training 

Training for managers and executives of plants and employees of the health and safety department. We introduce the management team to the solutions  necessary to ensure the fire safety of the facility at the right level.

Use of fire protection equipment

Theoretical and practical training 

Training for employees presenting basic information on fire protection and fire safety at the workplace.

First aid

Theoretical and practical training

A training for all employees is an essential element of safety. Acquired skills guarantee the possibility of first aid in urgent cases.

 Rescue groups training

Theoretical and practical training

Creating emergency groups in large manufacturing plants has become a standard that provides a high level of awareness and responsibility for the plant's management.

The training program is tailored to the production process and the hazards that may occur in the plant.

We provide:

Development of specialized documentation

We provide comprehensive documentation on fire protection in accordance with applicable legal regulations. We consult construction projects. We develop "Fire Safety Instructions", "Explosion Hazard Assessment" and "Explosion Prevention Document" in Polish or English. 

For the needs of companies with foreign capital, we will be able to meet both - Polish and foreign standards.

Work at hights

We do all type of work at altitude, including repairs, maintenance, cleaning and demolition works. 

We have all the powers and rich experience to help us to perform the assigned tasks reliably. All employees working at the height have the appropriate training and equipment to allow him to complete all orders taken along with all the safety standards. We use solutions that provide high efficiency of work by which tasks are made quickly and professionally.

Make the world better place:

Story of Children's from Amora Gedel Park:

Taking advantage of the time off during the development mission which provides substantive support to local firefighters in the Ethiopian town of Hawassa, we were attracted by a group of children playing around our training facility, and later on - their home - Amora Gedel Park. 

Every day, the first children appeared at the gathering place early in the morning, causing a smile on our faces, and their presence became a kind of ritual without which activities could not start. Throughout the duration of our training they bravely accompanied each and every day, politely sitting and watching our efforts and playing around.

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According to our knowledge we are the largest consortium of fire safety experts in Poland!

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